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Recap Of Senate Education Committee Hearing

By John Forester | December 21, 2017

The Senate Committee on Education held a public hearing on Tuesday, December 19th on the bills listed below.  The SAA testified in opposition to three bills and testified for information on one bill, as indicated below.

SB-159 Nutrition Education Relating to: Education about nutrition.  The SAA testified in opposition to the bill as it is currently drafted.  The SAA worked with the authors on Senate Amendment 1 which would remove the bill’s requirement that a nutrition education component be incorporated into the health education class, which is a requirement for high school graduation.  If this amendment is adopted the SAA will remove its opposition to the bill.

SB-222 Pupil Exam Information Relating to: Providing information about mandatory pupil examinations.  The SAA testified in opposition to the bill without prepared remarks.

SB-234 Pupil Exam Opt-Out  Relating to: Allowing a pupil’s parent or guardian to opt out of certain statewide examinations.  The SAA is neutral on the bill.

SB-427 School Construction Notification  Relating to: Notification of certain construction activities in school buildings.  The SAA testified in opposition to the bill.

SB-483 Robotics League Grants  Relating to:  Robotics league participation grants.  The SAA took no position on the bill.

SB-491 Library Data  Relating to:  The collection and maintenance of certain public library data by the Division for Libraries and Technology, authorizing small, rural libraries to apply for information technology block grants and educational technology training grants, and making appropriations.  The SAA took no position on the bill.

SB-494 School Reports   Relating to:  Publication of school and school district accountability reports.  The SAA took no position on the bill.

SB-536 Pupil Assessment Access   Relating to:  Access to pupil assessments that are required to be administered by school boards, operators of independent charter schools, and private schools participating in a parental choice program and repealing rules related to accessing pupil assessments.  The SAA took no position on the bill.

SB-556 Student Absence Evaluation  Relating to:  Requiring an evaluation to determine whether a pupil with an extended absence from school is a child with a disability.  The SAA testified for information on the bill without prepared remarks.  The SAA is neutral on the bill.

If you should have any comments/questions regarding the SAA’s positioning on any of these bills, please do not hesitate to call the SAA office.

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