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Priority Legislative Alert: Proposed Rule Changes to Educator Licensure (PI 34)

By John Forester | January 19, 2018

This is a Priority Legislative Alert on the Proposed Rule Changes to Educator Licensure (PI 34).

The Proposed Rule Changes to Educator Licensing (PI  34) are currently posted for public comments prior to submission to the legislature for consideration. WASDA, AWSA, WASBO, WASPA and WCASS were actively involved in the development of these changes. They are intended to address the issues related to the declining pool of teachers in Wisconsin, along with issues associated with licensing requirements that impact the current workforce of teachers and impede districts ability to develop and utilize staff most effectively to meet their instructional needs for students.

A very high-level summary is available here.

Some specific points that should be noted about the rule changes include:

While not the end-all for addressing the challenges of teacher preparation, recruitment, development and retention, these rule changes are definitely a valuable step in easing the issues we currently experience.

We are asking all SAA members to take the time to access the DPI posted website that allows you to register in support of the changes and offer comments. You can simply draw any comments you wish to make from the points offered above (cut and paste) or feel free to add your own. The important action is that you register in support of the rule changes. Literally, the number of people who register for or against the proposal is what matters, not their specific comments. Currently, those opposed outnumber those in support. The deadline for registering on the rule changes is January 31.  If you want a more flexible licensing system that maintains strong professional standards, then please register in support of the rule today.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this.

You can access the DPI form here.

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