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Evers Proposes New Money for Large Urban Districts

By John Forester | September 12, 2018

From WisPolitics.com …

DPI Superintendent Tony Evers wants to add new money to the state’s five largest districts to help close the achievement gap, including aid to expand summer school and create grants to fund the start up and expansion of 3K.

An overview posted at the Department of Public Instruction website notes the five — Milwaukee, Madison, Kenosha, Green Bay and Racine — educate 20 percent of the state’s students.

Some of the provisions include:

*$5 million to expand summer school grants.

*$5 million for the 3K grants.

*$1.5 million to enhance payments for National Board Certified Teachers.

*Providing $15,000 per educator who teaches in high poverty schools in the five districts.

*$1 million to support learning lab projects in the five communities.

*$500,000 to expand a program that provides principal training, coaching and support in the districts.

The proposal comes as the state’s achievement gap seeped into the guv’s race this week as Gov. Scott Walker and Evers exchanged jabs on the issue.

Agency budget requests are due to the Walker administration next week, and Evers also has already said he plans to seek an additional $600 million for the special education categorical aid, more than doubling the current reimbursement rate, and about $60 million for mental health services.

The DPI website also includes overviews of other priorities in the upcoming budget proposal, including returning the state to its previous commitment to fund two-thirds of all school costs and increasing the reimbursement rate for bilingual-bicultural aid nearly fourfold.

See the DPI overviews here.

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