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Thiesfeldt Drafting “Teacher Protection Act”

By John Forester | October 5, 2017

From The Wheeler Report:

A preliminary draft of legislation obtained by The Wheeler Report, shows Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt is drafting what he is calling the “Teacher Protection Act.” The bill aims to give teachers information about violent crimes committed by students. According to LRB-0917/P6, the bill would:

When asked about the bill draft Rep. Thiesfeldt said the bill has gone through many drafts and thinks “we could be on number nine right now.” Thiesfeldt said juvenile records are one of the issues they have had to consider while drafting the bill, but said he doesn’t think it will be an issue. Thiesfeldt said this bill would inform the teachers, that the student comes in contact with during the course of a day, that the student had been detained by the police. Thiesfeldt said this is “as much as for the teacher’s good as it is for the student’s good.” Thiesfeldt said there are differences in the bill drafts, but he believes it only includes teachers the student has contact with during the day and doesn’t include coaches and other staff. When asked about the “use of reasonable and necessary force under certain circumstances.” Thiesfeldt said those are already defined in statutes and this bill wouldn’t change those statutes, and that the bill shouldn’t infringe on any of the special needs laws about restraints. Thiesfeldt said that provision is about the teacher being able to protect themselves, protect other students, and protect the student from themselves when necessary.

Stay tuned.  This is clearly a piece of legislation the SAA will be very concerned about.  We will keep the membership up to date on any developments on this legislation.

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