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GOP Won’t Take Up Gun Legislation

By John Forester | October 23, 2019

From WisPolitics.com …

The GOP’s top two Republicans yesterday continued to pour cold water on the guv’s call for a special session on guns.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald told reporters the Senate likely will adjourn the special session shortly after gaveling it in and said the chamber won’t vote on the two bills the guv is urging them to take up.

But Gov. Tony Evers fired back that the Juneau Republican’s response to his call for a special session was “abysmal.”

“He’s telling 80 percent of the people of Wisconsin he’s gonna be in charge and frankly walk out the door,” Evers told reporters in Green Bay today. “To stand up and say, ‘We’re going to gavel in and gavel out,’ that is not what the people of Wisconsin expect out of their legislative leaders.”

Still, Fitzgerald said there’s no point to even convening committee hearings on the universal background check and “red-flag” law bills the guv wants passed because they lack support in his caucus.

“The support is not there to tackle those two issues right now,” Fitzgerald said.

The guv called the special session for Nov. 7, though he can’t force the Legislature to vote on the bills. They do have to convene, however. But they can do that through a skeletal session, which involves just a handful of members.

The Senate plans to be on the floor in regular session Nov. 5, while the Assembly will be in Nov. 7.

Meanwhile, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, said on 1130 AM that Evers has chosen to play politics by focusing on an issue that won’t pass the chamber instead of working with Republicans on issues such as suicide prevention.

He also dismissed results in the Marquette University Law School Poll that found overwhelming support for a red-flag law. He likened it to a wife thinking her husband was going to possibly get drunk that night and being able to go to a judge to have his car taken away before even being allowed a hearing.

Vos argued once the process was explained like that, the “vast majority” wouldn’t support it.

“We’re not going to sacrifice people’s constitutional rights because one politician in Madison listening to his very liberal constituents wants us to do that,” Vos said.

The wording of the August Marquette poll question was, “Would you support or oppose a law allowing the police to take guns away from people who have been found by a judge to be a danger to themselves or others?” Eighty-one percent of registered voters said they supported such a proposal.

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