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2021 State Superintendent Election and the SAA Endorsement Process

By John Forester | June 10, 2020

Wisconsin voters will elect a new State Superintendent in April 2021.

As the SAA reported a couple of weeks ago, two candidates have announced their campaigns to become the next State Superintendent, Pecatonica Superintendent Jill Underly and Assistant State Superintendent Sheila Briggs.  The SAA anticipates a crowded primary field to be assembled before the January 5, 2021 candidate filing deadline.  Why?  We are aware of several other potential candidates who are currently weighing a bid.  Also, using history as our guide, an open seat for State Superintendent tends to draw a large candidate pool.

The SAA does have a candidate endorsement process that will begin this fall.  The process includes a candidate survey of policy positions (responses from which we will post on the SAA blog) and possibly candidate interviews.  The SAA will announce its candidate endorsement (if we endorse at all) after the primary on February 16, 2021.  SAA campaign contributions will likely follow our endorsement.  The general election will be held on April 6, 2021.

As campaigns contact SAA members seeking financial support and/or an endorsement, members are obviously free to do so in the short term or wait until the SAA process is completed after the primary.

If you should have any comments or questions regarding the SAA’s approach to the race for State Superintendent, please contact SAA Executive Director John Forester.

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