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SAA Members Testify at Informational Hearing on School Reopening

By John Forester | June 24, 2020

At an informational hearing today before the Assembly Committee on Education, SAA members delivered powerful testimony on how they delivered services to students and families during the COVID-19 public health emergency, the challenges facing Wisconsin school leaders as they plan for reopening schools in the Fall, and the help that our Legislature can provide us to ensure a more effective reopening.  The following school superintendents testified before the Committee today:  Jill Underly (Pecatonica), Ben Niehaus (Florence), Lisa Olson (Whitnall), Lisa Elliott (Greenfield), Kristine Gilmore (D.C. Everest), Josh Robinson (Frederic), Michelle Langenfeld (Green Bay).  South Milwaukee Business Manager Blaise Paul joined South Milwaukee Superintendent Jeff Weiss.

Hats off to these school leaders, and many thanks to them for taking the time out of their busy schedules to represent the viewpoint of Wisconsin school leaders.

Jill Underly Testimony

Ben Niehaus Testimony

Lisa Olson Testimony

Lisa Elliott Testimony

Kristine Gilmore Testimony

Josh Robinson Testimony

Michelle Langenfeld Testimony

Jeff Weiss and Blaise Paul Testimony


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