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Top Republicans Oppose Evers’ Mask Mandate Extension

By John Forester | September 23, 2020

From WisPolitics.com …

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald slammed Gov. Tony Evers’ new mask mandate as “not worth the paper it’s printed on,” and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos called it “obviously illegal.”

But their separate statements were silent on calls from some of their GOP members to reconvene the Legislature for a vote that would overturn the new order.

After Evers issued the original mask mandate on July 30, Fitzgerald, R-Juneau, said his caucus had the votes to overturn it. But Vos, R-Rochester, instead focused on the legal challenge he expected from private groups.

The guv’s original mask mandate was politically popular, with 69 percent of registered voters in an August poll saying they supported requiring face coverings in public places, while 29 percent were opposed.

“Governor Evers’ order is moot, illegal, invalid, and almost assuredly headed for litigation,” Fitzgerald said today.

Vos added, “There is already a court challenge and undoubtedly, there will be more. No one branch of government can rule outside the letter of the law and go unchecked, even during a pandemic.”

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