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Virtual Press Conference in a Box

By Dee Pettack | June 15, 2021

Dear SAA Members:

As we emerge from the pandemic, the legislature’s biennial budget is more important than ever for the future of our schools. As you know, the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) has approved K-12 education funding that is far below what our schools and our children need. If adopted, it will adversely affect the educational opportunities provided to Wisconsin school children in the 2021-23 biennium and for years to come.

To date, members from across the state have contacted their legislators to tell their district’s story and to explain the consequences of the JFC action for the students they serve. However, considering the seriousness of this budget and our need to further advocate for our children and our public schools, I urge your consideration of another tactic. 

We urge groups of school leaders from across the state to come together to hold brief media or “press conferences” with your local media to stress the importance of this state budget and the implications of the JFC budget action, if it were to pass. We suggest that these media conferences be held virtually and that you use the “record” feature that is part of whichever virtual platform you are using. 

If you are concerned about how to hold a virtual news conference or worry about creating the materials for the media conference, we have you covered. We have created a  “Virtual Press Conference in a Box”  which includes a step-by-step plan, corresponding templates, and other resources to save you time and make this process easier. 

Please note, participants are encouraged to modify the sample resources to meet their needs.  Also, be mindful that the budget situation is fluid which may require some modification in the talking points and templates as we move forward in the next couple weeks. 

Please contact the SAA if you have questions or if we can provide support.

To get started,  >>>CLICK HERE<<<  to access the resources. 

Thank you for your attention and, as always, thank you for all your efforts on behalf of the students you serve.

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