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JFC to Support “School Funding in Name Only”

By Dee Pettack | June 17, 2021

The Joint Finance Committee (JFC) continues to work through its Executive Session agenda.  We anticipate they will take up items impacting K-12 education near the end of their deliberations tonight.  Although all of the pieces of the GOP K-12 package have yet to be unveiled, we are pretty sure of what is likely the biggest piece.

It is our understanding that the GOP plans to commit more than $400 million to general state school aids to satisfy the federal maintenance of effort (MOE) requirement.  However, by committing these dollars to general state school aids with no corresponding increase in revenue limits it becomes “school funding in name only”.  It simply flows to taxpayers as property tax relief and schools cannot spend one dime of it on the educational needs of their students.

Stay tuned.  We will forward the GOP K-12 motion when it becomes available.

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