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LFB Analysis of Governor’s High Cost Transportation Partial Veto

By John Forester | July 14, 2021

The Legislative Fiscal Bureau has produced a memo detailing the impact of the High Cost Transportation Aid Program Modification Under Enrolled AB 68 and Under 2021 Act 58.

Governor Evers used an item veto to delete the eligibility criterion limiting eligibility to districts with a membership of less than 3,500 pupils and restore the prior law eligibility criterion under which a district would not qualify for aid if its pupil population density was greater than 50 pupils per square mile. Based on the 2020-21 distribution of aid, this change would have resulted in two districts with a membership of greater than 3,500 pupils gaining eligibility (Kettle Moraine and Hortonville) and four districts losing eligibility as a result of the restoration of the population density criterion (Maple Dale-Indian Hill, Glendale-River Hills, Fox Point J2, and Nicolet UHS).

The memo shows the distribution of aid in 2020-21 under current law, as well as estimates of the aid distribution under the bill as passed by the Legislature and under 2021 Act 58.

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