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Education Bills Pass in Assembly Floor Action

By Dee Pettack | February 23, 2022

Numerous education bills passed yesterday in Assembly floor action.  The results of the Assembly floor votes on selected education bills appear below.  The SAA’s position on each bill was added at the end of each bill entry in bold italics.  If you should have any questions or comments on any of the SAA positions on these bills, please contact the SAA.

From The Wheeler Report . . .


Assembly Bills, Passed and Messaged,

AB-082 Cardiac Arrest (Allen, Scott) Information about sudden cardiac arrest during youth athletic activities. Am. 4 adopted, (Voice Vote).  Passed, (Voice Vote).  Messaged.  SAA Neutral

AB-122 Microschools (Sortwell, Shae) Microschools. Sub. 2 ruled non-germane, Appealed, Decision of the Chair Stand?, 60-32.  Am. 1 to Sub. 1 returned to author.  Am. 2 to Sub. 1 adopted, (Voice Vote).  Sub. 1 adopted, (Voice Vote).  Passed, (Voice Vote).  Messaged.  SAA No Position

AB-446 Reading Readiness (Kitchens, Joel) Reading readiness assessments and granting rule-making authority. Am. 1 adopted, (Voice Vote).  AM. 2 Returned to Author.  Am. 3 adopted, (Voice Vote).  Passed, (Voice Vote).  Messaged.  SAA Opposed

AB-903 Gifted and Talented Programs (Petryk, Warren) Programs for gifted and talented pupils. Passed, (Voice Vote).  Messaged.  SAA Opposed

AB-963 Parent Rights (Gundrum, Rick) Rights reserved to a parent or guardian of a child. Passed, 60-34.  Messaged.  SAA Opposed

AB-965 DPI Reports (Wittke, Robert) The components, methods, and formulas the Department of Public Instruction uses to publish school and school district accountability reports and granting rule-making authority. Passed, 60-33.  Messaged.  SAA Opposed

AB-966 Reorganizing Milwaukee Schools (Wittke, Robert) Reorganizing the Milwaukee Public School System into four to eight school districts and creating a Milwaukee Public Schools Redistricting and Implementation Commission. Passed, (Voice Vote).  Messaged.  SAA Opposed

AB-967 Charter Schools (Wittke, Robert) High-performing charter schools authorized by school boards. Passed, (Voice Vote).  Messaged.  SAA Opposed

AB-968 Charter School Board (Wittke, Robert) Creating a Charter School Authorizing Board and allowing the board to authorize independent charter schools. Passed, (Voice Vote).  Messaged.  SAA Opposed

AB-969 School Crimes (Duchow, Cindi) Reporting to law enforcement certain crimes and other incidents that occur in or on public school buildings and grounds, requiring certain schools to employ armed school resource officers, and allocating federal American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 funding to reimburse schools for costs of employing armed school resource officers. Passed, 61-32.  Messaged.  SAA Opposed

AB-970 Choice Income Limits (Wittke, Robert) Eliminating income limits for parental choice programs; eliminating pupil participation limits for the statewide parental choice program; private school tuition charged to a pupil participating in a parental choice program; and creating an education expense reimbursement program for the 2022-23 school year and the summer of 2023. Am. 1 tabled, 60-31.  Passed, 59-34.  Messaged.  SAA Opposed

AB-971 Pupil Promotion (Wittke, Robert) Promotion of pupils from the third grade to the fourth grade based on passage of the standardized reading test; reading readiness assessments in public schools; grants to increase licensure of reading teachers; sunsetting the Achievement Gap Reduction program; programs to identify and address pupils with dyslexia; parental opt-out of pupils in grades kindergarten to three from statewide examinations; and making an appropriation. Am. 1 adopted, (Voice Vote).  Passed, 60-32.  Messaged.  SAA Opposed

AB-975 Substitute Teachers (Thiesfeldt, Jeremy) Substitute teacher permits issued by the Department of Public Instruction. Am. 1 adopted, (Voice Vote).  Am. 2 tabled, 60-32.  Passed, (Voice Vote).  Messaged.  SAA Supports

AB-995 Face Covering Opt-Out (Vos, Robin) A parental opt-out from face covering requirements in school buildings and on school grounds and requiring school boards to offer pupils a full-time, in-person option. Passed, 60-32.  Messaged. SAA Opposed

Senate Bills, Passed and Messaged

SB-585 Crime Reporting (Jagler, John) Reporting certain crimes and other incidents that occur on school property or school transportation and granting rule-making authority Passed, (Voice Vote).  Messaged.  SAA Opposed

SB-589 Reading Test License (Darling, Alberta) The Foundations of Reading test licensure requirement. Passed, (Voice Vote).  Messaged.  SAA Supports

SB-597 Kindergarten (Wanggaard, Van) Early admission to kindergarten and first grade at a private school participating in a parental choice program. Passed, (Voice Vote).  Messaged.  SAA No Position

SB-608 Parental Choice Program (Jagler, John) The prior year pupil attendance requirement to participate in the Racine Parental Choice Program or the statewide parental choice program and allowing a pupil who changes residence to transfer from the Racine Parental Choice Program or Milwaukee Parental Choice Program to the statewide parental choice program. Passed, (Voice Vote).  Messaged.  SAA No Position

SB-828 Early Learning (Darling, Alberta) Administration of the online early learning pilot program in the 2022-23 school year. Passed, (Voice Vote).  Messaged.  SAA No Position

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