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Evers Vetoes Education Bills

By Dee Pettack | April 18, 2022

Last Friday, Governor Evers vetoed the following education bills.  The SAA opposed all of the bills listed.

From The Wheeler Report . . .

AB-963 Parent Rights (Gundrum, Rick) Rights reserved to a parent or guardian of a child. Vetoed (Link)

AB-966 Reorganizing Milwaukee Schools (Wittke, Robert) Reorganizing the Milwaukee Public School System into four to eight school districts and creating a Milwaukee Public Schools Redistricting and Implementation Commission. Vetoed (Link)

AB-970 Choice Income Limits (Wittke, Robert) Eliminating income limits for parental choice programs; eliminating pupil participation limits for the statewide parental choice program; private school tuition charged to a pupil participating in a parental choice program; and creating an education expense reimbursement program for the 2022-23 school year and the summer of 2023. Vetoed (Link)

SB-585 Crime Reporting (Jagler, John) Reporting certain crimes and other incidents that occur on school property or school transportation and granting rule-making authority Vetoed (Link)

SB-695 Charter Schools (Kooyenga, Dale) The number of independent charter schools authorized by the College of Menominee Nation or the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Community College. Vetoed (Link)

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