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Wisconsin Redistricting Gives Republicans Lock on the Legislature

By Dee Pettack | April 28, 2022

Throughout my 20-year tenure at the SAA, I have always found Craig Gilbert’s (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) work on redistricting and Wisconsin voting patterns to be highly informative and interesting.  His latest feature article, “Wisconsin Redistricting Gives Republicans a Lock on the Legislature,” is another “must read” on the subject.

In his conclusion, Gilbert really sums up his findings:

“Wisconsin is a 50/50 state with almost no 50/50 legislative districts. It is a place where the two major parties trade victories for U.S. Senate, governor and president, yet one party has an unshakeable grip on the Legislature.

It is a place where statewide contests are more suspenseful than almost anywhere in America, yet legislative elections are — by design — largely over before they’ve begun.”

Check it out here.

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