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Governor Evers Announces Additional Covid-19 Support for Public Schools

By Dee Pettack | August 30, 2022

Today Governor Evers announced an additional $90 million in federal COVID funds would be directed to support public schools.

More information from Wispolitics.com is below:

Gov. Tony Evers today announced he’s putting another $90 million of federal COVID-19 funds into K-12 education with a portion of the new money dedicated to mental health services.

Districts will have until the end of calendar year 2026 to spend $75 million of the money for various needs, including staff. That money will be distributed on a per-pupil basis and amounts to $91.15 per student for each district and independent charter school.

The other $15 million is on top of $15 million Evers previously gave schools to help with mental health services. Between the two pots of money, districts that opt in will get a minimum grant of $20,000 with the rest of the money divided up on a per-pupil basis.

Evers also announced in December he was dedicated $110 million in COVID-19 federal funds to K-12 after the GOP-controlled Legislature rejected his calls to invest more state money into schools. Republican lawmakers argued a significant state investment wasn’t needed considering the amount of federal COVID-19 funds that flowed directly into districts.

During a Madison news conference today, Evers didn’t rule out dedicating more COVID-19 funds to schools, saying some of that money had to be held back in case there are public health needs with the pandemic continuing to be an issue.

He also pledged to use a portion of the state’s surplus — which he said will be more than $5 billion by mid-2023 — to invest in K-12 education if reelected.

See the release here.

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