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SAA Gubernatorial Endorsement

By Dee Pettack | October 26, 2022

Members of the School Administrators Alliance (SAA), representing more than 4,000 public school principals, special education directors, business officials, school personnel administrators and superintendents throughout Wisconsin, have endorsed Governor Tony Evers for re-election.

SAA Executive Director Dee Pettack has issued the following statement regarding this endorsement:

“SAA does not often get involved in endorsing candidates in gubernatorial elections, as school administrators are nonpartisan in their approach to working with policymakers. However, we recognize that elections are about choices and priorities. This year, we believe the choice is so compelling and clear that we cannot remain silent. It is with pride and a clear sense of purpose for the public school children we serve that we endorse Governor Tony Evers for re-election due to his policy agenda for public school children in Wisconsin.

Governor Evers’ opponent, Tim Michels, is advancing an agenda we believe would do significant harm to public education in Wisconsin. He supports the unrestricted and unaccountable expansion of private school vouchers and no new investments in public schools. He supports the Parental Bill of Rights, legislation so recklessly drafted that legal analysts believe it would make providing a high-quality education for all students extremely difficult.

Finally, Michels supports a one-size-fits-all prescription from Madison dictating how local school leaders can spend resources on children.

Clearly, the sum total of the Michels education agenda is dramatic reductions in the resources devoted to educating Wisconsin public school children, along with a taxpayer-funded increase in the expansion of private vouchers.

Governor Evers’ education plan stands in stark contrast to Michels’ agenda. He has proposed significant new investments in special education, mental health programming, and general spending authority to meet the needs of all Wisconsin school children—no matter their zip code or their educational needs. The governor opposes the unrestricted expansion of private school vouchers and believes local school leaders are best positioned to determine funding priorities for the students they serve.

Finally, in the past four years, Governor Evers has time and again had the courage to veto harmful proposals that would have adversely affected the ability to educate children across the state.

Governor Evers understands the needs of public school children in Wisconsin. We need a governor who prioritizes educating our children and developing our future workforce.”

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