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Upcoming Education Committee Hearings

By Dee Pettack | May 19, 2023

Next week the Senate Committee on Education will hold a public hearing on Tuesday (05/23) on two pieces of legislation.

Senate Bill 115: Requirement to add one-half credit of personal financial literacy as a high school graduation.

Under current law, a school board may grant a high school diploma to a pupil only if the pupil meets specific statutory requirements, including earning a certain number of credits in various subjects in the high school grades.

eginning with pupils graduating in 2028, this bill requires that, to graduate high school, a pupil must earn at least one-half credit of personal financial literacy that includes financial mindset, education and employment, money management, saving and investing, credit and debt, and risk management and insurance.

Senate Bill 206:  Requirement to maintain usable opioid antagonist at a school in a standard first aid kit.

Under current law, school boards and governing bodies of private schools are required to supply a standard first aid kit for use in an emergency. Also under current law, certain school personnel, including employees and volunteers of public and private schools, are permitted to administer an opioid antagonist to a person who appears to be undergoing an opioid-related drug overdose.

This bill adds that school boards and governing bodies of private schools are required to ensure that each school maintains a usable supply of an opioid antagonist on site, in a place that is always accessible.

On Thursday (05/25) the Assembly Committee on Education will hold an executive session on two bills that were previously heard.  If the committee approves the proposals, they will move to the full Assembly for consideration.

Executive Session

The committee will hold a public hearing and take public comments on three additional proposals following the conclusion of the executive session.

Public Hearing

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