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Urgent Budget Update

By Dee Pettack | June 22, 2023

Good afternoon, Members:

On Tuesday Governor Evers signed SB 330 into law.  This bill was the result of an overall budget compromise that Governor Evers struck with Legislative leaders from both houses.  This piece of policy was advanced outside of the normal budget process.  A summary of the overall budget compromise can be found here.

Today, the Joint Finance Committee is scheduled to meet at 4:30pm to finish the remaining pieces of the budget which includes funding for the University of Wisconsin, Shared Revenue and Tax Relief, General Fund Taxes, and the Budget Stabilization Fund.  The agenda is available here.  As in previous budget cycles the committee will also take up the #999 motion which is considered the “wrap up motion” which can contain various pieces of fiscal policy from any area of the budget.  This is the final step of Joint Finance Committee action before both houses will begin action on the proposal.

Members have reached out about several areas of the budget including the impacts of 2017 Act 141 which penalize certain school districts for having a failed referenda in the last three years and the impact of the elimination of the High Poverty Aid provision that impacts many districts around the state.  I have attached lists of those impacted for your reference.  I would encourage those impacted to reach out to their legislators and members of the Joint Finance Committee to express how these provisions would impact on your ability to serve your students.

The list of districts impacted by the elimination of High Poverty Aid can be found here.

The list of districts impacted by the penalties created for low revenue districts under 2017 Act 141 can be found here.

Finally, a comprehensive summary of the literacy legislation which passed the Assembly yesterday will be forthcoming and can be used when contacting your Senators and the Governor who will need to act on the legislation before it becomes law.

You can find the contact information for your state legislators here and the emails for Joint Finance Committee members is listed below.  Please reach out to me if you have questions.


Joint Finance Member Emails

















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