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Legislature Votes on 2023-25 State Budget

By Dee Pettack | June 29, 2023

From WisPolitics.com …

The $98.7 billion budget cleared the GOP-run Senate last night 20-13.

GOP state Sens. Rob Hutton, of Brookfield, and Steve Nass, of Whitewater, were the only members to cross party lines on the vote, opposing the budget.

The Assembly plans to convene today at 1pm and the budget is the only bill on the calendar.  They have scheduled eight hours for debate.  The floor session can be viewed on wiseye.org.

If the Assembly signs off on the budget without any changes to what the Senate approved, the bill would then go to The Governor for review.

Republicans in the Senate approved one amendment that largely included language meant to guard against Evers being able to use his partial veto authority on the bill.  Other amendments that sought to increase funding for schools, eliminate the 2017 Act 141 penalty on low revenue districts, and reverse the elimination of high poverty aid were rejected by the majority party.

In Wisconsin the Governor has one of the most powerful veto powers in the nation, allowing them to strike or reduce appropriations in spending bills by writing in a smaller amount, though they can’t increase spending that the Legislature proposed.

The governor also may strike words, numbers and punctuation, though they can’t strike out individual letters to create new words — once dubbed the “Vanna White veto” — and aren’t allowed to create new sentences by combining parts of two or more sentences in the text — which critics called the “Frankenstein veto.”

Additional updates will be provided as the budget moves forward.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

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