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Governor Evers Signs 2023-25 Budget

By Dee Pettack | July 6, 2023

Governor Evers signed the $99 billion 2023-25 state budget on July 5, 2023.  He utilized his veto pen on 51 provisions included in the plan passed by legislative republicans.

From Wispolitics.com:

Evers called the document Republican lawmakers sent him “incomplete,” but rejected calls to nix the entire two-year plan. He cited the various priorities he achieved in the budget, including increases in funding for education and local governments.

“Vetoing this entire budget would mean abandoning priorities and ideas I’ve spent four years advocating for,” he said ahead of signing.  The impact of other vetoes included extending through 2425 an annual increase in the per-pupil spending limit of $325 a year. The budget included increases of $325 in each year of this biennium as part of a deal GOP lawmakers reached with the Governor on state aid to local governments, as well as increasing the size of state-funded vouchers for private schools. The governor’s action, though, seeks to extend that annual increase by four centuries. Future legislatures, though, can change that number.

Read the veto message here.

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